Karyn’s Video, Bobbie Ross, and Xsparkage Guest Look!

Happy Halloween!

 Hope you had a Happy Halloween, Lovely!

I sure creeped myself (and all my family and friends, to boot!) this year. I dressed up as Bobbie Ross in a playful tribute to Bob Ross, the famously calm painter. Think “Happy Little Trees”… LOL

So creepy, right?

I filmed a Bob Ross Tribute Makeup Tutorial, after Heather (Sokolum79 on YouTube, check her out for even more creep-tacular tutorials…) tweeted that I was the “Bob Ross of Makeup”. LOL! Its so funny–because its so true! I don’t know why I am always so Bob Ross Calm in all my tutorials. Its like I flip into “teacher mode” or something…

Ok, so one more for the road…

Like My Fro--or My Beard Best?

HAHAHAHAHAHA~ Ok, now time for something a little more serious.

Meet My Friend, Karyn

The video that I have been talking about all month is finally out! Yay!

Karyn, my amazingly positive and sweet friend, has been through the ringer. About a year ago now, I think, she found out that she had bilateral breast cancer. =( She’s since had a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation–and almost the entire time with that same beautiful smile on her face. She is such an amazing person, and I knew that I wanted to do something special for her on my channel during the month of October. Originally, I hoped to film a makeup tutorial using all pink–but when she told me about ‘Look Good, Feel Better’-a division of the American Cancer Society that helps women, men, and children find ways to look and feel just a little better while undergoing all sorts of cancer treatments–I knew that I had to do something that would support this wonderful cause.

When YouTube invited me to monetize a few days later (isn’t it funny how things work?), I decided right away that all proceeds from my videos would be donated to this amazing program. I saw so many amazing all-pink looks coming out for the month, and I decided I would instead like to sit down with Karyn and shoot a video describing her personal story of what ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ meant to her. There were a few scheduling problems, to be sure, but on Sunday we finally managed to get it done–and I am so happy to now be able to share it with you! Karyn is a natural, I am telling you–she needs her very own channel. In her video, she tells you all about a makeup class she took part in, and then we show you all of the amazing beauty products that were donated and given to her. The lighting is not perfect, but I know that you will forgive us since its for charity and all 😉 Anyway, please please please watch this video! I would truly appreciate it, and also know that every single video you watch on my channel (except a few starring my little boy, I was thinking that would be kinda weird to monetize a video with him in it, kinda exploitive…) will help out this very worthy cause. I have learned through Karyn’s experience that cancer is more than just a physical situation–there is so much emotional stress involved: losing not just your hair on your head, but also your eyebrows and eyelashes and everything else…dryness all over, peeling/dry skin, it goes on and on. Its comforting to know that there are organizations out there that focus on this part of the battle.

Ok, so pleading over with. I only have this one last thing to share with you…

Vivid Blue Cut Crease

Thank you so very much to Leesha, who is Xsparkage on YouTube. You already knew that, didn’t you??? Anyway, Leesha chose my Vivid Blue Cut Crease Tutorial for Small Eyes as her Guest Look this week! Joy! I am so incredibly excited about this, and the comments have been so kind from everybody that’s been seeing it.

So, more people are finding out about me–which is so nice. I am almost at 100 Subscribers! Yay! When that magical moment happens, I will be announcing on my channel and on here who my 100 Sub Giveaway winner is! Just think, if you subscribe, it could be you! What am I giving away, you ask? All kinds of stuff! Kleancolors stuff featured in my last haul, MAC and Sephora goodies–I’m telling you, its worth subbing for… 😉


As always, thanks for stopping by!



Today, Featured on Beautylish!!!! Plus, the Missing Tutorial

Hello, Hello!

Today is a very special day, Jasmine from Beautylish contacted me and told me that they were going to feature my Navy, Gunmetal, and Glitter–Rock the Metallic Trend Tutorial on their site–and today is the day! What’s even more special about that is that today is the Beauty Social, out in Cali, and I think a lot of people are going to check out Beautylish that may have never seen it before. Plus, its a Saturday! I am so stoked, and I am going to be honest with you–I cried like a little baby when I got her email. What a dork, huh? It was just…its such an honor. People like Cora (vintageortacky on YT), Leesha (xsparkage on YT), and Katherine (wildkatmakeup on YT) are meant for that thing…but me??? I am so new to all of this, and I just couldn’t believe it. I hope that people see it–and I hope that they enjoy it! haha That would suck, if nobody watched it! LOL The image YouTube picked really sucks. LOL

Ok, so now on to the missing tutorial.


That picture cracks me up. Its basically the only still shot I can find on my latest tutorial, the second in my two-part miniseries on smokey eyes. This is the Smoldering Brown and Gold Nighttime Smokey Eye video, and I am so glad that it is finally uploaded. It took so many tries to get this look just right, mainly because the eye quad I was using isn’t the most pigmented thing in the world–and the colors are all pretty similar. Seeing as I have already made a Crap Palette Eye Tutorial, and I already promised my viewers in the first part that I would use the same palette in the second tutorial (and I am obsessive anyway, determined to make it work), I worked it out. I would usually never spend this many hours on a concept, but I just couldn’t let it go. Those of you who know me “in real life” know I am like that, it’s usually very good as I am a very determined person, but sometimes I stress myself out with it a little too much! Anyway, the past is the past. Its up now, and its all good. I will get some swatches and close-ups on here ASAP.

We just adoped a new puppy dog, his name is Hank and he is a pug. I am so happy about him. I miss my first pug, Pop Tart, dearly–and even though they are not the same, he reminds me of him in a way. So now we have two rescued dogs, Frank and Hank. I will add a picture of them together once the dust settles. I have already bathed the new dog, Hank, once–but I am off to do it again. He was at Animal Control here in Sebring, so there is no telling what he went through (or what he rolled around in haha). He stinks. LOL Hank the Stank 😉

Ok, I am off to get lunch for the kids and then to re-create Cora’s Peacock Mask. I am so excited! Have you seen it yet??? Here is a link if not, because its amazing. I am gonna play around with products I have and see what I come up with. If I get it right, it will be my next inspired tutorial–so I will keep you posted!

Pork and Beans,




Basic Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hello, Lovelies! I am currently working on a mini-series all about smokey eyes. This first Basic Smokey Eye Tutorial was requested by my friend Jessica! We were talking about some of the more advanced tutorials, like the Leopard Print Eye Tutorial, and she was saying that she would really enjoy learning how to do something more wearable. This is what I came up with…

Wearable Eyeshadow, Who Woulda Thunk It?

This was supposed to be a two-part miniseries, with the second video featuring a darker, more sultry smokey eye using darker bases to pull out a different effect from the same Ulta eyeshadows. Great in theory, awful in reality. I didn’t like the way it turned out both times I filmed it, it was a little bit too Avril Lavigne (no offense, I love her look actually) and a little bit too little of what I was going for (read, Kim Kardashian). Isn’t that always the way? 

Smokey Eyes + Glitter = My Kinda Look!

Flash forward a few days. I have learned that if I just let a video go sometimes, I benefit from it in the long run. I was playing around with smokey eye looks before work last week when I came up with this glittery smokey eye look. Its so me, its not funny! LOL

Gunmetal-Blue Glittery Smokey Eye

This one was a breeze to edit, which is always a plus. I take it as a sign that it was meant to be. 😉

So, on to the evolution of my channel…
YouTube has very kindly invited me to monetize my videos. I actually went back and forth a little bit over whether or not to do it, I mean, I never really set out to make money off video views. In the end, I came up with a really cool solution! You can see by the ads now displayed in most of my videos that I did monetize–but I am not going to keep any of the money, at least for the time being. For the rest of 2011, and who knows how far beyond, all of the money is going to go to an organization called Look Good, Feel Better (a division of the American Cancer Society whose mission is to help women, men, and children affected by cancer to find ways to look and feel good while they undergo treatment–and lose their hair, etc). This organization is close to my heart, they have really helped a close friend of mine as she undergoes radiation (she’s in her last week, though! yay!). We are about to film a video showing you some of the products cosmetic companies donated, as well as some of the tips she learned in her class–and I hope that you would be so kind to share it with your friends and family. The more clicks this video has, the more money raised for this wonderful cause! It is completely free! I will let you know how much money is raised, and of course, if I ever stop donating it or choose another orgranization I will always be upfront about that, too.
My channel will be evolving in other ways, as well. After much observation, and much honest soul-searching, I have decided to slow down a bit. I am going to be more about quality over quantity, to be honest. Not everything I film will be uploaded. LOL I want to bring you quality makeup tutorials, and I already have so many ideas as to how to up the “entertainment value” of my tutorials. I have noticed that my best tutorials are the ones in which I don’t over-explain…I find that I talk way too much at times, even though it has never been my intention to do so. I am also not going to film just because I feel like I need to, as in feeling like I have to come up with something every single weekend or because I have a few free minutes. I will be bringing you more hauls and plus size fashion videos. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Above anything else, I want you to know how much I appreciate you watching my videos–and reading this blog. It still blows my mind that over 70 people actually have an interest in my thoughts on makeup! I am loving getting to know you both on YouTube and over Twitter! Every single day, I learn something new–and its my goal to share what I know, especially as it changes, with you. YouTube has a huge, incredible beauty community–and that you would take the time to watch, comment, and subscribe…well, that’s just amazing. So, thank you. I see all of this growing into something truly special, and I am so thankful for all of you letting people know about me. It blows my mind, really.
Be Blessed, Always

Vivid Blue Cut Crease Tutorial, Vintageortacky, MakeupBee

Vivid Blue Cut Crease Tutorial

Hello, Lovelies!

I am so crazy about this look. I have been loving the cut crease tutorials on YouTube forever. You probably already know how much I love Cora, vintageortacky on YouTube, and my favorite looks are her bright cut crease tutorials. She is amazing! But, anyway, I never thought I could pull it off–I don’t have much lid space, for one. I think my eyes are just getting older or something, the skin is starting to hang in the weirdest ways! Ugh.

Can you see how it sort of hangs down? Anyway, I thought this look was off-limits to me for the longest time. Those of us with small eyes usually keep our eyeshadow pretty low to avoid that “I don’t know what I’m doing/on my way to the circus” kind of look. But, after watching Cora’s last Sailor Moon inspired tutorial (did anybody else really enjoy that whole series? I loved it), I decided that I was going to figure out a way to make the cut crease work for me.

On the first try, I went darkest shade first–just like most people do it. FAIL. By the time I added the lighter colors, I was up to my brow in dark blue shadows. The key to getting this look right when you have smaller eyes is to map it out with your lightest crease color going on first. You want to leave some space for a highlight, but when I started out with the sky blue and worked my way down to the crease everything applied much more beautifully. It takes a little more “back and forth” blending, but it works.

In a previous post, I told you how I was trying to make the Maybelline Color Explosion palettes work. Here is a picture of the blue one featured in this tutorial. It is #20. Blue Blowout.

After applying Too Faced Shadow Insurance and scotch tape from lower lashes to the end of my brow, I started out with the matte light blue shadow, blending it with my MAC 217 brush above my crease to almost my brow. I then went into the glittery darker blue right across from the sky blue, using a MAC 226 to begin carving out the crease. Then I used my Maybelline Define-A-Line in Navy Blue to create the cut crease. I traced an arc right above my natural crease (lifting my brow as needed). Then I blended it all together until I got the gradient I wanted. Next, I added my favorite bright highlight, the white/blurple duochrome from Kat Von D’s True Love palette. Super simple.

Here is a peek at the lid color

After that, it was all about figuring out which lid color to use. I have been wanting to use the magenta shade from my Sleek Acid palette for a while, so after applying NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow in Milk I patted that on. On top of it, I dabbed on some matching glitter from Claire’s (have I mentioned how wonderful this palette is? I am going to do a comparison between it and NYX when I receive it from HauteLook…). Then, it was just a matter of adding some flirty lashes, in this case Ardell’s 105 full lashes–and of course, doing waterline/tightline/mascara.

I am definitely going to send this look to Cora. I sent her a tweet with a photo, and she told me to send it even though I had originally used L’oreal mascara. She is against companies that test on animals, and I didn’t know until after I filmed this that they do. So, I refilmed it using MAC’s Haute & Naughty mascara. 😉 I want everything on my end to be the best that I can make it before I send it.

I am also going to add this look to MakeupBee, which is a really neat site if you haven’t seen it. People upload their different makeup looks, and some of it is so beautiful that it makes me want to cry. Seriously. These ladies and gents are so talented. I told you before how I was comparing myself to other people, and MakeupBee sent me home with my tail between my legs for about a week! haha A lot of the amazing talents on Beautylish and YouTube are on Makeup Bee–and its a neat way to see what a whole bunch of people are doing at once. It can be daunting to try and find new gurus to watch on YouTube. And on Beautylish, there are so many people uploading their videos that it can be hard to watch them all. Same thing. The neat thing about MakeupBee is that you just see the finished look at first, so you can browse really easily. Check it out if you want to see amazing artistry. These people give the big YT gurus a run for their money!

I wanted to say just one more thing about YouTube, MakeupBee–and makeup in general. This is supposed to be fun! From my last post, you can tell that I was getting a little too wrapped up in getting noticed and all those things. I don’t know about you, but I am a person who firmly believes that energy is everything–as in, we are all basically little clumps of energy and what we emit matters because its what determines what we get back in. I notice this all around me, when I am in a good state of mind things just seem to roll more smoothly-but when I am anxious or stressed I seem to meet with obstacles. I wasn’t letting all this be fun, and I can tell as I look over stuff from a few months ago. Its just different somehow. I was always trying so hard to make a lot of material so that people would find it in searches, trying to post it everywhere, trying to “get noticed”. LOL But, at the end of the day, it was too stressful to call it really fun.

This look was pure fun. I think that you can see it all over my face. Of course, I hope you enjoy it–but even if not its okay because I sure as hell did. I pimped this eye makeup around all day, I didn’t even rip the lashes off which is really something for me.

Ok, so I have blabbered enough for one post. Please let me know what you think about this tutorial/look! I will let you know FOR SURE if I end up on VintageorTacky!

Best Wishes,


Purple and Blue Faux Cut Crease Tutorial–Anxiety!

Hello, Lovelies!

What a fun tutorial this was! I think I am definitely getting better. What do you think?

I so badly want to send this tutorial to Cora (Vintageortacky on YouTube). Man, I love her–and it would be so amazing to be picked as one of her guest bloggers. The only problem is, I used a L’oreal product in this tutorial! Eek! They animal test, which she is rightly adamantly against. I don’t know whether to send this to her or not…

I am going to be totally honest with you. Sometimes I get so nervous thinking about entering contests and things. I did the leopard print tutorial specifically to send to Cora, the whole look came about because I was asking my friend/co-worker Lourdes for some ideas for unique eye makeup. When she presented the idea, I was like “oh man, there’s no WAY I can do that!”–so I had to do it. I started playing around with looks, learning how to draw leopard print from YouTube and such–and then came the look. It took me hours to film! The neighbor was sawing, the kids were running around like crazies, the dog was barking, and to top it all off Kristen (my wonderful stepdaughter who was sick at the time) coughed and sniffled through the entire thing. Not so professional, huh? I trudged on, though, and after editing and trying to come up with a blog post for the first time ever–off it went.

I spent the next 48 hours in a state of full-on panic. I checked Cora’s blog every five minutes…literally. I agonized over every little detail. I rarely watch my own finished tutorials, just once through to make sure its as good as I can possibly make it, but in this case I watched that video at least 20 times. I picked every little detail apart. What ended up happening, and what has been happening off and on ever since, is that I doubt my abilities and my talent a lot now. For a while, I stopped filming at all. I guess I just felt like I wasn’t good enough. I started on Beautylish, which I love–but it made it even worse. Everyone, it seemed, was better than me. I would watch their lovely videos and read their posts and blogs–and suddenly I just felt really ashamed of myself. What was I even doing, having a YouTube beauty channel?

I began on a quest to let people know about my channel by myself, which I know may be weird since I was doubting my abilities and all–but I think I was really on a quest for validation. I guess I figured if more people found me and subscribed, I would somehow feel better about the whole thing. I don’t know. I started posting in every topic in forums, started linking every post to my channel and blog–it was insane.

Somehwere along the way, I lost the whole reason I started. When I did my first video, my son watched it five times–saying how good I did and that he was proud of me. I felt proud of myself. Isn’t that what this is all about? I can look back over my videos, and in just a few short months I have really gotten better both at makeup and at the actual tutorials themselves. I am growing. That’s really what I want this to be about.

As of this moment, I have 68 subscribers on YouTube. Think about that–SIXTY EIGHT people actually want to see my videos as soon as they come out. That is amazing! What is there to ever be anxious or nervous about? If Cora ends up liking this video, maybe it will show up on her blog, who knows? If not, I grew in making it, and one day something else might catch her interest because I will get even better as I go. I just want everything RIGHT NOW. LOL

I am only kidding. It is a labor of love, doing makeup tutorials. It takes quite a while to film, edit, and upload–then all the accompanying work of making stills, blogging, descriptions, tags…but that’s not to say I am complaining. I actually like doing all of these parts, and the comments that I get that are so kind from my subscribers are all icing on the cake. When someone sees a tutorial and likes it enough to recreate it–well, that is the highest compliment you can ever get. Its funny, even though I can watch the final edit of a video and point out tons of things I think I did wrong, I can also tell that there’s a lot more I am doing right. There is still plenty I need to work on, first and most important being that I need to find a way to let more of my personality shine through in my tutorials! In this video (a tag from VividlyChaotic on YT, who is great), you can see how I am always laughing! That’s me. Why it is that I don’t *yet* come across this way in my makeup tutorials, I have no idea. Maybe I am still nervous? I just want it to be ‘right’ so badly! haha These tutorials and looks are like my little babies, I want them to be perfect and to encourage people. If I can do it, anyone can, believe me! Makeup was always so intimidating to me, and I think that’s why I have taken all of this on. I was always the girl that couldn’t draw in school, I have certainly never been confused with an artist. You should see how long it takes me, how long I have to practice, just to do a certain makeup look. I can see the shape I want in my head, it just isn’t easy for me to translate it onto my face! Its the challenge of it that drives me forward. I am about as far out of my comfort zone as one can go. I guess that’s the point, really.

So, I am off to edit another video. One part of me feels like it may be too similar to this tutorial to post, feels like its not “pefect enough”. But the other part of me, the one I know will win out eventually, knows that it might just help somebody. It might further clarify how to cut the crease when you have small eyes. That’s what I have been working on lately. I have never claimed to be a Guru, I am just interested in doing good makeup. Who knows what this weekend’s videos will bring…I have been wanting to work on doing more colors in one look, something with up to like five or six colors blended beautifully. I’ll start on that once I perfect the cut crease. 😉



My Journey (so far)…

Leopard Print Eye Tutorial

Leopard Print Eye Tutorial

Hello, Lovelies!

In an effort not to clog up this new blog, I am going to post a synopsis of my best videos so far. When I first started, I was just doing videos to respond to the YouTubers I really enjoy: namely, LovePeaceandLipGloss and LisaLisaD1. I did two video responses on my webcam to a Tag that Lisa sent around to everyone, it was called “If All My Makeup Disappeared, the Top 10 Beauty Items I Would Repurchase”. I loved the concept of this, it is so hard to pick only ten things! So, I sat down in front of my webcam thinking “Oh, now this will be so easy” and started talking. If you watch either of those videos, they are (in my honest opinion) terrible. They both look grainy because of lighting problems and being shot on a netbook webcam–and I was not used to thinking in opposites, so every time I tried to show a product I would move it in the wrong direction. So awful. But, you gotta start somewhere! To top it all off, I lost half of my video because the webcam stopped recording when my goldfish screensaver came on. LOL I guess that the better of these two videos was the second one, so I will share it Here.

I did not have plans to do much with my channel other than occasionally make a response to my favorite beauties until Kat (Wildkatmakeup on YT, a wonderful UK makeup artist/guru) put a link to my channel in one of her videos. I sent her a gift package of drugstore stuff from over here in the states, and she was so sweet to make a haul video featuring all of the products (Here is the link to her video). All of a sudden, I had subscribers! 22 to be exact! So, I just HAD to have some content…right? I did a response video for Kat thanking her and got to work planning videos.

My first tutorial was based on a winged eyeliner lesson I saw in Latina magazine. One of MUFE’s makeup artists said to draw a dot in between your lower lash line and eyebrow to start your wing for a really easy but dramatic cat eye. I started playing around with it, and I loved how it looked–so I decided this would be something really fun and unique to try for my first tutorial. There were, of course, a few issues–there are times where I am not in the frame and other little problems, but overall I think it was a decent start. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOpeHtFfRTE

My next tutorial was special. I love purple, and this was a look I wore to my friend Ashley’s wedding. I never really get the chance to dress up, so getting all gussied up to go out was a treat. But even better, James actually got dressed up and escorted me (he hates anything having to do with the word “fancy”)! We had a really good time at the wedding, and I got so many compliments on my dress and makeup. I attempted my first Outfit of the Day and recreated the makeup in a Tutorial

For some reason, My Makeup Collection Video has been really popular, so I thought I would include it here for anybody that missed it. I will have to record a second one now that I am in my bedroom, I am using the same desk and most of the same storage–but I have a vinyl covering so that the “rip” doesn’t show. Yes, Boogie ripped a piece of my desk cover off. But, I know that as I grow and change things around further it will be fun to compare it with this original collection video.

My Coach Poppy Ad Inspired Tutorial was shot outside on my back porch. Its a simple makeup look featuring pink and yellow tones. I really liked the way this tutorial turned out, and it was definitely the highest quality video I had made at that point. It was the first video that I watched and felt really proud of. 🙂

On to my Plus Size Fashion Guide. I really wanted to do Fattie Fashion videos (Fattie=a term used to denote a beautiful girl over size 14). Bad. For so many years, I was ashamed of my body–and once I learned to just embrace who I was and started taking chances with my clothing choices, I learned that you really can dress to impress at any size. I’m sorry, but I do not feel good about myself wearing long T-shirts to cover my butt and belly with baggy jeans. It gives me no shape, it actually makes me look a whole lot worse (which is not good for my self-esteem!). I watched a video LisaLisaD1 did where she basically responded to some of her haters that said she dressed “too young”–and I don’t know, something in that video just gave me the final jolt I needed to make the video. I was honest about sizing, and although it was tough at first, I am still glad I did it. That video has been my most-viewed thus far!

After watching Cora (VintageorTacky) rock orange lips, I tried and loved it. I created a Simple Reverse Smokey Eye Tutorial outlining how I like to wear my eyes when wearing orange lipstick. It was over 100 degrees outside when I shot this video! Ack!

At the request of two of my friends (Deana and Kathy), I did an Airbrush Makeup Tutorial. They came over to my house that weekend and we played around with my Dinair system–I would have loved to have filmed this, but I was airbrushing them at the time. If you are in the market for an airbrushing system, I highly recommend Dinair. It is a bit pricey, and there are cheaper alternatives that you might want to research, but with Dinair’s systems you can mix colors and set your air pressure. For me, these options are deal makers.

My most challenging tutorial/look thus far has by far been my Leopard Print Eye Tutorial. I made it at the suggestion of my friend Lourdes–I was looking for a challenging/unique look to send to Cora for her ongoing Guest Blogger section. I sent it, but I never heard back from her–so I am guessing it was a Fail–but either way, I am so glad I did this video. I never thought I would be able to pull this off, and I know that its made me a better makeup artist. Sometimes you really have to push your limits to get better. I am going to keep trying to get on Cora’s website, too, by the way. If I am anything, I am persistent! 😉

This Nicki Minaj VMA Drugstore Tutorial was so much fun to make! I attempted to wear the wig the entire time, but I was still on the porch and it was too hot. LOL

Smokey Fall Makeup

This Smokey Fall Makeup Tutorial is my best work to date (in my opinion, of course). I filmed it in my bedroom, with my new lighting setup (thank you JazzieBabyCakes!!). Its a simple smokey eye using Inglot shadows and bright red lips. Two years ago, I was afraid of red lipstick–so I think this really shows how far I have come both as a makeup artist and really just overall. My philosophy this past year has been to find situations that I would have said NO to and just go for it. Just having a YouTube channel, when I have always been so reserved and afraid to put myself out there, has been great for building my confidence and moving into new territory. I am so proud of this video. 🙂


Neutral Eyes with a Pop of Color Tutorial


This Pop of Blue Eye Tutorial features the eye look I am wearing in the haul video. I first saw this look in Lil Wayne’s 6 Foot 7 video, and I have been wearing it like its going out of style! Again, I think this really shows how far I have come in a short time–it is much more professional looking than my previous tutorials.

So, that’s been my YouTube journey up to this point. Its not a bad “body of work” for only being on for a month or so! There are still plenty of things I want to improve–and I would love to hear your suggestions. My goal has always been to make videos that are helpful–and having a high quality product is an important first step. What is it that you look for in a makeup tutorial? Do you prefer a closer image, like in my last two tutorials–or would you rather I zoom out so you can see my entire face? Do you prefer that I show each product as I go, sort of how I did in the Smokey Fall Tutorial? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

As Always, Have a Yummy Day!


Blog, Haul, and Contest News!

Photo From Nicki Minaj Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Donning a Blonde Wig for the Nicki Minaj VMA Drugstore Tutorial

Hello, Lovelies!

Welcome to my Blog! I am so excited that its finally up and running. I am going to post all of my tutorials, along with bonus goodies that you can only find here–so make sure you check back often!

I have to tell you, I have really caught the “YouTube Bug”. If you go back and watch my Introduction video, you will see that I originally only planned on doing a tutorial every few weeks! Wow. I have really exceeded that goal! 😉

I am all set up to shoot videos in my room now, and my lighting is just about right. I have really noticed a difference in my last two tutorials. I also completed my fist haul video, which was exciting. Hauls and reviews are some of my favorite videos to watch on YT, and I have been dying to make one so I am glad that it finally happened. Here is the link to that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJEGwI5esn8

So, now for the best part–a Giveaway!

As of right now, I have 53 amazing subscribers! I am so excited about that, and I am planning on doing a Giveaway when I reach 100. The products will be from a brand featured in the haul video, Kleancolors. I am going back to Crush Too this weekend to purchase the prize, which will be worth approximately $50. With products averaging around $3, it will be a lot of loot! If you aren’t yet subscribed, you will definitely want to visit my channel at http://www.youtube.com/cookiefarrer and subscribe for your chance to win. If you are already a subscriber, thank you! The only thing left for you do to is to share my channel and videos with your friends that love all things beauty so that you will all have a chance to win! As soon as I reach the 100 subscriber mark, I will randomly choose a winner–then, I will contact him/her over YouTube for a mailing address. If I do not hear back from the first winner within 48 hours, I will randomly choose a second winner just to make sure its fair.

Good luck!


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