The Mascara Series: Points System and MUFE Smoky Extravagant

Hi, Guys! (Well, you know, “guys”: meaning slang for mostly gals haha)

I’m starting a series of mascara reviews, and I wanted to do a post sharing my points system. I did a video recently, asking you guys what is important to you when it comes to mascaras–and you guys gave me some REALLY good suggestions. Thank you so much! I decided on a 100 point system to base my reviews on, with each category ranging from 5 to 10 points–with categories for everything from the packaging to the pigmentation to how easy it is to get it off at the end of the day.

photo 1

“The List”

So, here are the categories and the points I assigned to each one:

1. Price/How easy is it to get our hands on this mascara?  0-10 possible points

2. Packaging/Brush: 0-10 possible points

3. Formula/Bonus Features/Claims made by the company about this mascara: 0-5 possible points

4. Color Pigmentation/Variety of Colors Offered: 0-5 possible points

5. Application/Ease of Use/Gets into Base of Lashes: 0-10 possible points

6. Smudging/Transfer/Wear/Clumpiness/Spiderlash (good or bad)/Irritates Eyes: 0-10 possible points

7. Separation: 0-10 possible points

8. Volumizing: 0-10 possible points

9. Lengthening: 0-10 possible points

10. Curling/Holds a Curl: 0-10 possible points

11. Easy to Get Off (at the end of the day): 0-10 possible points

All of these add up (of course) to a total of 100 points. So, from there I came up with a grading system from A-F

A+= 100 – 91 points

A= 90 – 80 points

B= 79 – 70 points

C= 69 – 60 points

D= 59 – 50 points

F= 49 – 0 points

I think it’s pretty fair–there’s no way that a mascara is going to get below 50 points! No “F’s” in this bunch (I hope!) But yeah, I wanted to start with that. Now, let’s get to the fun part!!! The first mascara I reviewed for this series was the Smoky Extravagant Mascara from Make Up Forever

photo 4

Wow, I look REALLY greasy here!

Smoky Extravagant Mascara (Make Up Forever)

1. Price/Ease of Purchase: 6/10

2. Packaging/Wand: 7/10

3. Formula/Claims/Bonus Features/Serums: 4/5

4. Color Pigmentation & Variety: 4/5

5. Application/Easy to Apply/Gets in Base: 5/10

6. Transfer/Smudge/Clump/Spiderlash/Irritation: 8/10

7. Separation: 2/10

8. Volumizing: 10/10

9. Lengthening: 5/10

10. Curling/Holds Curl: 0/10

11. Easy to Get Off (at the end of the day): 10/10

Total Points: 61/100  “C”

If you would like to see why this mascara scored how it did, please feel free to check out the video I posted to YouTube about it here:

All in all, Smoky Extravagant is a decent-ish mascara. The reason it scored poorly was really about the claims that MUFE makes about how it performs–I was expecting Volume, Length, and Curl out of this. It does provide quite a bit of volume–but it is by no means the most lengthening or curling mascara I have ever used. It does not separate my lashes at all–but it doesn’t claim to–so I don’t expect it.

The other main issue I have with this mascara is the price. It is expensive, no doubt. I don’t mind paying for a higher-end mascara ( I gladly pay more for mascaras like YSL Babydoll and Armani Eyes to Kill), but this one just doesn’t seem to warrant the higher price tag. Now, I did get this as a free sample from Sephora–I’m going to use it up. I actually like using as the third step in my typical daily mascara routine (primer, then separating mascara, finished with a volumizing formula). So, it’s all good to me!

As with everything like this, these reviews are based solely on my opinion. I have really short, stumpy lashes that need a lot of help. A lot of other people really seem to like this mascara–when I was doing my research for the formula/claims portion of this review I saw that it had a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Sephora’s website. I’m not trying to dissuade you from buying it, I’m just giving those who are looking for it my opinion. If you have this mascara, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

photo 5

Lots of good stuff in the Think Tank for the Week…

My next review will be on a really popular (and double-ended) drugstore mascara…

As always, hope you’re having a yummy day or night!



To ‘Tube or Not to ‘Tube?

I have seriously been trying to upload the same haul video for four days!

Thumbnail photo for my haul video--if it ever uploads haha

Thumbnail photo for my haul video–if it ever uploads haha

UGH!!! I am so frustrated. I have been sick now for two weeks, so I know that it’s starting to affect my attitude. But, here’s the thing–my channel is already (in my mind) hanging by a thread. First of all, I kind of consider myself a YouTube video connoisseur–and there are so many people out there making better videos than I am. I mean, I watch people like Shaaanxo and I just think “Oh my God, why is anyone out there wasting their time with me??!!” I have serious YouTube self-esteem issues. I film and re-film every video I post a half a dozen times or more, mentally criticizing everything from how oily my skin looks to the color of my hair. My lighting absolutely sucks–my entire house is dark and confined–certainly not what you want when you’re trying to film a video. I cannot seem to get a decent-looking background. Most of the time, it’s a huge pile of clothing or the back of my dresser. I’ve done myself in before I ever make it to the editing…

Speaking of editing, it simply takes FOREVER. I am a talker (more on that in a second), and I over-explain and ramble my way through every video. I usually have well over an hour of footage to trim down as much as possible, and while I’m filming I try to tell myself to pause between products and such–but as soon as I start actually filming that all goes out the window. My editing software also takes two to three hours to compress and save each video file. Then, I’m looking at maybe four to five (or more!) hours to upload to YouTube. That’s been my problem this week, my video keeps freezing as I try to upload it to YouTube. I spent over 8 hours trying to do it yesterday, it kept freezing at 87%. I had a moment where I actually told myself “Ok, I give up. No one will really care if I ever upload again. My videos are crap. I’ve spent a full week on this one video–and it’s absolute crap. My hair sucked, my skin was greasy, and my makeup looked like shit. Why am I doing this to myself? I give up.”

So, I realize this is all the stuff that you as the viewer don’t ever get to see (unless you have your own channel and go through these things–in which case, I feel for you!). I know that I’m not thinking about the work someone puts in while I’m watching videos–I just judge them based on the content (which as I said before I haven’t been to pleased with in my case anyway). I used to make negative comments on videos, like if I didn’t like the makeup look someone posted or if I felt like they were selling out by promoting certain products. Yeah, nothing stops you from doing that quite like the first negative comment you get on one of your videos! I have been told that I am fat, ugly, rambling, and fucking crazy (their words exactly, so sorry for the language!) through my comments. I have been told that my eyes are both spread too far apart and too close together. I even had someone tell me one time that my lips are disgusting-and that one really threw me for a loop because I’ve always believed that my lips were one of the (only) pretty things about me. That comment really stuck with me, right along with the one about being fucking crazy.

You have to be really creative to make it on YouTube. You’ve got to have a really thick skin. You have to be sure of yourself. These are all the things I wanted to be, but right now I feel like I’m failing miserably. I used to look forward to making a video, but lately I just feel like it’s become a negative thing for me–when I wasn’t making videos regularly I was constantly stressed because I wasn’t filming, and now that I am making videos I’m stressing because I don’t feel like they are of any quality. Plus, I have been working for over 16 hours to get a twenty minute video up. UGH.

So yeah, I don’t know how to proceed from here. I am so thankful for the kind people that enjoy my videos (although I may not feel they are that good), the ones that say sweet things and check on me when I’ve been away. These are the people I think about every single day I’m away. These are the people on my mind while I’m fighting my beliefs about myself, my editing software, and when my upload freezes right at the finish line. These people are worth a million of the ones that tell me they don’t like my personality or how I look. And usually I see it like that–I just happen to be blogging while I’m sick and beyond frustrated. So, I’m sure I’ll press on. I’m sure there’s a really good lesson somewhere in here for me about not giving in to the negativity.

I’m going to try out something new with this blog–so you have to let me know what you think about it. Instead of just posting about whatever video I’m doing, I thought I would truly make this a blog–I’ll probably do some posting about whatever is going on around my YouTube channel, but I’ll also blog about things like this that are much more personal. I promise that most of them won’t be negative like this one was. Most of the time I am a really focused, positive person. I believe that mindset is EVERYTHING, so I won’t dwell on anything negative for too long because I don’t want it to continue. Hmmm! Maybe I’ll talk more about how I believe mindset affects things in my next post…

Hope your day was better than mine, for sure!


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