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Leopard Print Eye Tutorial

Leopard Print Eye Tutorial

Hello, Lovelies!

In an effort not to clog up this new blog, I am going to post a synopsis of my best videos so far. When I first started, I was just doing videos to respond to the YouTubers I really enjoy: namely, LovePeaceandLipGloss and LisaLisaD1. I did two video responses on my webcam to a Tag that Lisa sent around to everyone, it was called “If All My Makeup Disappeared, the Top 10 Beauty Items I Would Repurchase”. I loved the concept of this, it is so hard to pick only ten things! So, I sat down in front of my webcam thinking “Oh, now this will be so easy” and started talking. If you watch either of those videos, they are (in my honest opinion) terrible. They both look grainy because of lighting problems and being shot on a netbook webcam–and I was not used to thinking in opposites, so every time I tried to show a product I would move it in the wrong direction. So awful. But, you gotta start somewhere! To top it all off, I lost half of my video because the webcam stopped recording when my goldfish screensaver came on. LOL I guess that the better of these two videos was the second one, so I will share it Here.

I did not have plans to do much with my channel other than occasionally make a response to my favorite beauties until Kat (Wildkatmakeup on YT, a wonderful UK makeup artist/guru) put a link to my channel in one of her videos. I sent her a gift package of drugstore stuff from over here in the states, and she was so sweet to make a haul video featuring all of the products (Here is the link to her video). All of a sudden, I had subscribers! 22 to be exact! So, I just HAD to have some content…right? I did a response video for Kat thanking her and got to work planning videos.

My first tutorial was based on a winged eyeliner lesson I saw in Latina magazine. One of MUFE’s makeup artists said to draw a dot in between your lower lash line and eyebrow to start your wing for a really easy but dramatic cat eye. I started playing around with it, and I loved how it looked–so I decided this would be something really fun and unique to try for my first tutorial. There were, of course, a few issues–there are times where I am not in the frame and other little problems, but overall I think it was a decent start.

My next tutorial was special. I love purple, and this was a look I wore to my friend Ashley’s wedding. I never really get the chance to dress up, so getting all gussied up to go out was a treat. But even better, James actually got dressed up and escorted me (he hates anything having to do with the word “fancy”)! We had a really good time at the wedding, and I got so many compliments on my dress and makeup. I attempted my first Outfit of the Day and recreated the makeup in a Tutorial

For some reason, My Makeup Collection Video has been really popular, so I thought I would include it here for anybody that missed it. I will have to record a second one now that I am in my bedroom, I am using the same desk and most of the same storage–but I have a vinyl covering so that the “rip” doesn’t show. Yes, Boogie ripped a piece of my desk cover off. But, I know that as I grow and change things around further it will be fun to compare it with this original collection video.

My Coach Poppy Ad Inspired Tutorial was shot outside on my back porch. Its a simple makeup look featuring pink and yellow tones. I really liked the way this tutorial turned out, and it was definitely the highest quality video I had made at that point. It was the first video that I watched and felt really proud of. 🙂

On to my Plus Size Fashion Guide. I really wanted to do Fattie Fashion videos (Fattie=a term used to denote a beautiful girl over size 14). Bad. For so many years, I was ashamed of my body–and once I learned to just embrace who I was and started taking chances with my clothing choices, I learned that you really can dress to impress at any size. I’m sorry, but I do not feel good about myself wearing long T-shirts to cover my butt and belly with baggy jeans. It gives me no shape, it actually makes me look a whole lot worse (which is not good for my self-esteem!). I watched a video LisaLisaD1 did where she basically responded to some of her haters that said she dressed “too young”–and I don’t know, something in that video just gave me the final jolt I needed to make the video. I was honest about sizing, and although it was tough at first, I am still glad I did it. That video has been my most-viewed thus far!

After watching Cora (VintageorTacky) rock orange lips, I tried and loved it. I created a Simple Reverse Smokey Eye Tutorial outlining how I like to wear my eyes when wearing orange lipstick. It was over 100 degrees outside when I shot this video! Ack!

At the request of two of my friends (Deana and Kathy), I did an Airbrush Makeup Tutorial. They came over to my house that weekend and we played around with my Dinair system–I would have loved to have filmed this, but I was airbrushing them at the time. If you are in the market for an airbrushing system, I highly recommend Dinair. It is a bit pricey, and there are cheaper alternatives that you might want to research, but with Dinair’s systems you can mix colors and set your air pressure. For me, these options are deal makers.

My most challenging tutorial/look thus far has by far been my Leopard Print Eye Tutorial. I made it at the suggestion of my friend Lourdes–I was looking for a challenging/unique look to send to Cora for her ongoing Guest Blogger section. I sent it, but I never heard back from her–so I am guessing it was a Fail–but either way, I am so glad I did this video. I never thought I would be able to pull this off, and I know that its made me a better makeup artist. Sometimes you really have to push your limits to get better. I am going to keep trying to get on Cora’s website, too, by the way. If I am anything, I am persistent! 😉

This Nicki Minaj VMA Drugstore Tutorial was so much fun to make! I attempted to wear the wig the entire time, but I was still on the porch and it was too hot. LOL

Smokey Fall Makeup

This Smokey Fall Makeup Tutorial is my best work to date (in my opinion, of course). I filmed it in my bedroom, with my new lighting setup (thank you JazzieBabyCakes!!). Its a simple smokey eye using Inglot shadows and bright red lips. Two years ago, I was afraid of red lipstick–so I think this really shows how far I have come both as a makeup artist and really just overall. My philosophy this past year has been to find situations that I would have said NO to and just go for it. Just having a YouTube channel, when I have always been so reserved and afraid to put myself out there, has been great for building my confidence and moving into new territory. I am so proud of this video. 🙂


Neutral Eyes with a Pop of Color Tutorial


This Pop of Blue Eye Tutorial features the eye look I am wearing in the haul video. I first saw this look in Lil Wayne’s 6 Foot 7 video, and I have been wearing it like its going out of style! Again, I think this really shows how far I have come in a short time–it is much more professional looking than my previous tutorials.

So, that’s been my YouTube journey up to this point. Its not a bad “body of work” for only being on for a month or so! There are still plenty of things I want to improve–and I would love to hear your suggestions. My goal has always been to make videos that are helpful–and having a high quality product is an important first step. What is it that you look for in a makeup tutorial? Do you prefer a closer image, like in my last two tutorials–or would you rather I zoom out so you can see my entire face? Do you prefer that I show each product as I go, sort of how I did in the Smokey Fall Tutorial? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

As Always, Have a Yummy Day!


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